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About Capensis

A story of Linux and Open Source

Since its creation, Capensis has been built and developed with a constant goal: to provide its customers with sustainable and reliable infrastructure solutions based on Linux and Open Source technologies.



Our solutions

Linux base

Robust software foundations enable you to deploy and operate your applications.


  • Linux base
  • IS Vision

    Steering the IS is a key issue: you need real indicators, relevant information.


  • IS Vision
  • Industrialisation

    Major topical issue, the industrialization and the automation of your infrastructures provide many benefits.


  • Industrialisation
  • Collaborative solutions

    Collaborative solutions: The exchange of information within your company are essential and represent a large volume.

  • Collaborative solutions
  • Maat

    To meet specific needs of deployment automation, of configuration and supervision of your IT equipment, we created MaaT.

  • Maat
    • Canopsis, the open source hypervision solution !

      Events centralisation has never been so easy.

      Our news

      Canopsis V 3.40, what are you hiding under your hood ?

      At this particular beginning of May, Canopsis continues to deliver new things … On the menu for this V 3.40 : […]

      Correlation in Canopsis

      The correlation promises of monitoring tools are numerous. Effectiveness and relevance, however, do not always meet the expectations! The Canopsis […]

      Canopsis alarm tray

      Completely redesigned for the release of V 3.0, the Canopsis interface is an essential and central tool for controlling the […]

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      The Capeneurs are the elite of Open Source! Joining Capensis means inheriting a long tradition of more than 18 years of long hours spent on the keyboard working with passion. The Capeneur is the ultimate Linuxian: he stands up to adversity and projects. A Capeneur never abandons a client in distress.

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