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    How many inbound events must the solution process ?

    The incoming event rate corresponds to the total number of services supervised per second (usually they are supervised every 5 minutes, i.e. every 300 seconds) plus other events likely to be processed by Canopsis (logs, requests on databases. Data...).

    Up to 250 evts/sUp to 500 evts/sUp to 750 evts/sUp to 1000 evts/smore than 1000 evts/s

    The investment you are considering ?

    Possibility of having a right of use and support for 1 or 3 years or acquiring an unlimited right of use in the form of a perpetual license.

    1 year3 yearsPerpetual licence

    What type of architecture are you considering ?

    Several platforms are often necessary to have a Canopsis hypervision environment. As standard, a subscription includes production and pre-production. However, other authorities are sometimes necessary.

    DRP (disaster recovery plan)
    BCP (business continuity planning)
    Complementary instances (training platform, development, sandbox…)

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