Canopsis V4.1: log system, Planning-Remediation interaction… What’s new?

Canopsis V4.1 Article 1/2

After launching the V4 last January, we are proud to present Canopsis V4.1! On the menu: three innovations to go even further in your IS hypervision.

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 #1 Introduction of the action log system 

First of all, the V4.1 includes a log file of all actions initiated in Canopsis.

Whether these are :

  • creating,
  • updating,
  • deleting,
  • exporting,
  • or importing,

as of now, each action generates an entry in the solution logs.

Hence, information traceability and transparency are at the core of this update! Already available on Planning (Pbehaviors), Heartbeat and Remediation, the action log system will be implemented on all Canopsis tools shortly.

 #2 Interaction between Planning and Remediation features in Canopsis V4.1 

We have announced it in the article dedicated to the remediation, this new version turns it into reality! It is now possible to assign instructions according to the temporality.

In essence, an alarm can have different instructions depending on pbehaviors (day/night, week/weekend…).

A “must-have” for the remediation efficiency and customization in Canopsis !

Remediation - Pbehaviors Canopsis V4.1

 #3 Implementation of an homogeneous reconnection policy 

Last but not least: the homogenization of the reconnection process to third-party services.

Thanks to Canopsis V4.1, it is now possible to create a customized reconnection policy to MongoDB, Redis and RabbitMQ, choosing within the following variables :

  • the number of attempts and the timeframe between each trials before shutting down the program,
  • the reconnection delay.

To conclude, Canopsis V4.1 goes even further in the hypervision, putting an emphasis on your IS traceability, customization and performance!

If the V4.2 launch is forcasted in a month, we haven’t finished to present this version yet. In the next article, we will tell you everything about the improvements on existing features proposed by Canopsis V4.1!

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