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What is Canopsis ?

Canopsis is a tool for centralizing, processing and reporting all IS events.

This powerful and ergonomic solution is essential for any IT Department interested in the reliability of its infrastructure as it allow them to quickly identify problems with their information systems.

Demo access : root / root


Massive centralization of events from different sources.
Input types: monitoring solutions, logs, ticketing tools, repositories / CMDB, business applications…


Automatic, semi-automatic and user actions on events.
Processing types : filtering, enrichment, ticket creation, timeline, behavioral management…


Real-time and deferred time customizable dashboards.
Types of dashboards: alarm list, service weather, reports

Customer interview

“The key drivers of this project were a ROI that was quickly reached in the first year thanks to the non-payment of licenses to IBM, but also the speed with which the monitoring teams got used to the tool.”

Monitoring skill center manager

Alarms quality

Filters, enhancement and other Canopsis engines provide teams with essential alerts.

Improved response time

``Quality`` alerts allow operators to act more quickly

Global communication

Customizable views provide each department with spot-on information.

Decision support

For a more efficient IS management, Canopsis automates KPIs production in specific reporting dashboards.

Tools unification

Canopsis streamlines all monitoring tools and other data sources in one single interface.

Mass processing

Canopsis processes millions of events per day to meet ever-increasing data volumes.

Different editions fit different needs

Open core Edition Pro Edition
Collection : aggregation of various data sources
Technical and application supervision Tick Tick
Business data Tick Tick
Infrastructure (logs, DB, metrology…) Tick Tick
Reference drivers / ITSM Tick
Canopsis2Canopsis Tick
SNMP traps Tick
Email Tick
Processing : intelligence
Enrichment Tick
Filtering (compliance verification, firewall and deduplication) Tick
Correlation Tick
Meta-alarm Tick
Action plan Tick
Data automation Tick
Platform performance and availability
High platform availability Tick
Data bus redundancy (high performance event processing) Tick
Traffic replication from sources (“Y” connector) Tick
Restitution : the views
Customer reporting
Weather services Tick Tick
Statistics / KPIs Tick
Pilot exploitation view (N1)
Alarm tray (acknowledgement, declaration and assignment of incident tickets, alarm management, timeline, escalation/notifications, calendar display…) Tick Tick
Planned actions Tick Tick
Technical Reporting view (N2 / N3 / CIO)
Statistics / KPIs Tick
Ranking (Top 10…) Tick
Alarm counter Tick
SLA calculation Tick
States visualization Tick
View by technical area Tick

tick Feature available in this edition

attention Limited functionality in this edition

Packaged offer

Starter Pack

All-in-one commercial offer to take your first steps in Canopsis hypervision (subscription + service + support)
This pack includes :

Pro Edition software subscription for 250 events/s – 1 year of use.

Production and pre-production

Professional Administrative Tools (Canopsis Add-Ons and Tools)

Unlimited number of components

Related support & maintenance – 1 year of use.

1 year of unlimited support

Provision of solution maintenance

Customizable service offering with 250 support credits.

Support for connecting 2 data sources

Needs study with technical/functional specifications workshop

Integration and implementation of the solution (On-Premise)

Canopsis RoadMap

This RoadMap aims to provide with visibility for Canopsis future developments.

Development deadlines are provided for information only and may be reviewed by us.

Subject to technical and commercial discussions, customers can integrate new features or change the deadline presented in this document.

They already use our software Canopsis

+1500 events

processed per second
(pro edition)

+9 years

Canopsis V3
1st open source hypervision solution


different data sources already connected

Ready to hypervise your IS ?