Redesign of the periodic behaviors (pbehaviors): the Planning feature

Planning pbehaviors

In Canopsis, the periodic behaviors, or pbehaviors, enable the definition of phases during which “behavioral changes” are necessary.

Canopsis V4 development has been the perfect occasion to completely rethink this feature placing an emphasis on customization and reliability.

Previously initiated with the engine multi-instanciation (parallelization), Canopsis continues to improve the solution performance with this module recast. Renamed Planning, it can now absorb a much higher event traffic in record time.

If Remediation is a Pro Edition exclusivity, we have good news for the Open Core users… Planning is available on both editions!

Would you like to know more ? Uncover what this exclusive feature can do for your IS.

Planning “pbehavior” specifics

Periodic behaviors allow to change, during a given period of time, the originally defined behaviors on the platform.

 Operating ranges 

In the first instance, creating operating ranges on all or any part of IS components enables to prioritize certain items at specific times of the day.

This representation of the application criticality is extremely useful to transcribe the SLA modalities in Canopsis.


Thanks to the Planning module, you can also schedule an entity maintenance. Due to various reasons (equipment shut down, service restart…), this type of operation often triggers false alarms.

In essence, you can choose to make them visible or not in the alarm tray and the Service Weather but they will be activated if and only if they continue after the maintance.


Third option : “pause” an application.

This command is notably convenient when you intervene on an alarm triggered in a automated scenario context. Without it, the scenario would continue to generate alarm(s) as the problem is being resolved.

 In a nutshell, the right alarms are being presented at the right time, to the right people! 

 Pbehaviors customization 

The personalization has not been left behind! It is now possible to create tailored pbehaviors, especially to integrate exceptional dates in Canospis.

 Enjoy better time management with scheduling that suits you and your IS! 

Target audiences

 Steering teams 

For pilots, the Planning feature is first and foremost a time saver. By drastically limiting the “false positives”, they focus efforts on the pertinent alarms.

Visibility is another great asset of the module. On each alarm shows the pbehaviors in progress on the application generating it. Even better, teams have access to the complete operation history.

With Planning, the alarm representation is much closer to reality: they are activated only when needed.

 Application managers 

Besides presenting pbehavior information in the alarm tray, they are available in the Service Weather as well. Managers have an overall vision of the IS operational status in the blink of an eye.

In case of change, Canopsis API also allow to automate the operating range creation process. Double capture is over!

 The whole IS 

All information, pbehaviors included, is integrated in the data stream. Hence, the ISD (Information Systems Division) is able to create customized and reliable KPI depending on the goals selected in the service agreement.

Interaction between pbehaviors et alarm management


Alarm management process as part of a pbehavior
Alarm management process as part of a pbehavior

 Pratical example 

Context : Maintenance is expected from 2pm to 2:45pm on the “Compabilité” app by the Change Manager
Maintenance period transmission to Canopsis
Maintenance period transmission to Canopsis
2:36pm: Creation of an alarm the “Comptabilité” app


Alarm tray : Alarm created but not activated
Alarm tray : Alarm created but not activated
Service Weather : The "Comptabilité" tile is still undergoing maintenance
Service Weather : The “Comptabilité” tile is still undergoing maintenance
2:45pm: Maintenance is over but the alarm remains
Alarm tray : Alarm activation
Service Weather : Alarm activation impact on the "Comptabilité" tile
Service Weather : Alarm activation impact on the “Comptabilité” tile
Triggering of the remediation process

See the dedicated article

Since 2011, Canopsis prodives groundbreaking, all-inclusive package (support and maintenance included) with a simple and competitive pricing system.

True to Open Source values, Canopsis also enriches the content of its Community version. That is why the new Planning feature is available one Open Core et Pro Edition !

Our plans for the future? Canopsis teams are already working on the interaction between Planning and Remediation to adapt the instructions according to a given period.

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