Remediation : Canopsis V4 flagship feature

Trending topic in the supervision / hypervision ecosystem, the remediation can be defined as an action plan implemented to correct a situation.

Exclusively available on the V4 Canopsis Pro Edition, the new “Remediation” module reinvents the alarm tracking and management within your IS.


We tickled your curiosity? Good ! Here is an overview of our innovation 😉


The feature Remediation in Canopsis

Since its update in January 2021 (V4),  Canopsis offers a brand new interactive module for the remediation.


In the first place, it centralizes all the instructions in one place and presents an intuitive step-by-step process for each documented alarm. Even better: some jobs can now be automated!


Remediation toolkit
Remediation toolkit

The remediation has also a participative dimension. Indeed, the team members can:

  • identify the alarms without instruction,
  • evaluate the instruction after execution,
  • and suggest new ones.

Likewise, the platform collects and aggregates data in the form of quantitative monitoring indicators. Engineered for interoperability, it also makes these elements available for your third-party software (i.e Business Intelligence): instruction toolkit, run time, “alarms/instructions” coverage rate…


In other terms, Canopsis strengthens its position as the Control Tower by becoming the reference of instructions within all the IS !


Who benefits from the Remediation?

 Steering teams 

For pilots, the two main advantages of this feature are speed and easyness.

Accessible from your alarm tray, the instructions are perfectly integrated in the interface and gathered in a single location.

Each alarm has a step-by-step remediation. This intuitive handbook ensures the exact follow-up of the process and decreases the risk of error accordingly

Morevover, the automation of certain jobs allows for safe and nearly instant intervention.

The pilot has also the opportunity to rate and comment the executed instructions. He or She becomes a true actor of the IS performance!


To sum up, the Remediation module secures the alarm resolution and facilitates the instruction compliance, while adding an exchange dimension.



The new feature of Canopsis is an enabler for continuous service improvement.

Team feedbacks on the instructions are a perfect work basis to forecast their evolution.

The possibility to filter the alarms without instruction facilitates their identification and allows the coverage rate increase by creating new guidelines.

 Traceability within the remediation execution optimises alarm resolution and management, thanks to factual performance indicators


To be brief, the Remediation is a great management and valorization tool for the IT operational teams!


 The whole IS 

KPI, provided by Canopsis as the run time or the “alarms/instructions” coverage rate, are ideal indicators of the IS health. Easily understood, they become a privileged communication channel with the other departments.


Remediation management cycle



Remediation process in Canopsis
Canopsis remediation process

 Concrete example: a service doesn’t answer, what’s happening in Canopsis? 

Canopsis links this event with an alarm and displays it in the alarm tray.


Step 2
Materialized by an icon, the instruction is directly accessible on the alarm by clicking on “Execute the instruction”


Step-by-step form opening and/or job execution proposal
Step-by-step form opening and/or job execution proposal


The service is restored! Instruction exit with an evaluation proposal.
The service is restored! The user exits with an evaluation proposal

Since 2011, Canopsis prodives groundbreaking, all-inclusive package (support and maintenance included) with a simple and competitive pricing system.


That is why the Remediation module, as with all other implemented features, is included in the general maintenance of Canopsis Pro Edition.


Easy to set up and use, two other developments are already in progress :

  • The interaction between Remediation and Planning features to adapt the instructions according to a given period.
  • The rate mechanism evolution to take format and content into consideration in the instuction evaluation.

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