V4.1 : Focus on Canopsis optimizations


After reviewing Canopsis V4.1 latest novelties last week, let’s explore the improvements on existing Canopsis features!

 #1 Graphic interface homogenization 

During V4.1 development, Canopsis Team gave careful consideration to the appearence harmonisation and the pagination of the following list:

  • Event filter,
  • Pbehaviors,
  • Webhooks,
  • Heartbeats,
  • Dynamic information,
  • Meta alarm rule,
  • Users,
  • Roles,
  • and Playlists.

In order to facilitate access to information, the “expand” button, or fold/unfold, is now highlighted on the relevant entries:

List with
List of entries with and without “expand” buttons
List with an unfolded entry Canopsis V4.1
List with an unfolded entry

 #2 Success and failure materialization of remediation jobs in Canopsis V4.1 

For even greater easiness and swiftness, successes and failures of the remediations carried out by jobs are now represented with pictograms:

Canopsis V4.1 Job success
Job success
Canopsis V4.1 Job failure
Job failure

 #3 Entity customized information categorization 

Thanks to the V4.1, it is also possible to “type” the entity customized information.. Before limitated to character string, you henceforth have the opportunity to choose between four values:

  • whole number,
  • Boolean,
  • list,
  • and character string.
Information typing Canopsis V4.1
Information typing: the 4 values

In conclusion, the V4.1 goes even further in the hypervision, putting emphasis on your Canopsis ergonomics and customization! Finally, you will find all the available patches on the version note.

If Canopsis V4.2 is expected within a mounth, here is a scoop for you: the planned actions will be part of the new version!

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