Centralized monitoring and automated remediation with Canopsis + Rundeck

With Canopsis + Rundeck, unlock the full potential of hypervision : in vast Information Systems where multiple monitoring tools are used, a centralized monitoring console is a must-have!

 Canopsis in a few words 

Canopsis is an open source monitoring aggregation tool, started by a French company named Capensis in 2011. Canopsis collects events from different sources, processes them and presents the alarms in customizable dashboards.

Schéma Canopsis Operating Mode Rundeck
Canopsis Operating Mode

 The remediation feature in Canopsis 

A remediation feature has been introduced in a recent Canopsis version (v4). With this feature, Incident Response Procedures can be defined and associated with alarm patterns. That way, support teams can be presented with the relevant procedure when they receive the alarm.

Alarm with an Incident Response Procedure in Canopsis - Rundeck article
Alarm with an Incident Response Procedure in Canopsis

 Interactions between Canopsis + Rundeck 

Perhaps your typical Incident Response Procedure include temporary (sometimes unfortunately permanent) work-around steps such as “Restart service X”, “Empty file Y”… In this case, you will probably want to automate these kinds of jobs!

Well, Canopsis can leverage your Rundeck jobs to execute remediation tasks in the context of a procedure. When a procedure matches an alarm and it has one or more automated step(s), you can trigger the automated job right from your centralized alarm tool.

Let’s see how a support team would benefit from the combination of Canopsis and Rundeck to solve issues quickly while avoiding repetitive manual operations:

Remediation Canopsis + Rundeck

In the near future, Canopsis is planning to provide the option to automatically launch a particular job when a specific alarm arises, without any human intervention!

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