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Centralized monitoring and automated remediation with Canopsis + Rundeck

With Canopsis + Rundeck, unlock the full potential of hypervision : in vast Information Systems where multiple monitoring tools are used, […]

V4.1 : Focus on Canopsis optimizations

After reviewing Canopsis V4.1 latest novelties last week, let’s explore the improvements on existing Canopsis features!  #1 Graphic interface homogenization  […]

Canopsis V4.1: log system, Planning-Remediation interaction… What’s new?

After launching the V4 last January, we are proud to present Canopsis V4.1! On the menu: three innovations to go […]

Redesign of the periodic behaviors (pbehaviors): the Planning feature

In Canopsis, the periodic behaviors, or pbehaviors, enable the definition of phases during which “behavioral changes” are necessary. Canopsis V4 […]

Remediation : Canopsis V4 flagship feature

Trending topic in the supervision / hypervision ecosystem, the remediation can be defined as an action plan implemented to correct […]

Canopsis V 3.40, what are you hiding under your hood ?

At this particular beginning of May, Canopsis continues to deliver new things… On the menu for Canopsis V 3.40 : […]

The Correlation in Canopsis

The correlation promises of monitoring tools are numerous. Effectiveness and relevance, however, do not always meet the expectations! The correlation […]

Canopsis alarm tray

Completely redesigned for the release of V 3.0, the Canopsis interface is an essential and central tool for controlling the […]

Video interview: Sébastien tells us about his job as a Systems Engineer!

Are you wondering what the missions of an Systems Engineer are at Capensis? All of your answers are in the […]